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Materials : medical TPV replace rubber in O-rings and gaskets

Newly launched medical-grade TPV elastomers for injection molded O-ring, gasket, and diaphragms exhibit long-term sealing performance, cost less to process than thermoset rubber, and provide manufacturing advantages over standard TPV or styrenic TPEs, according to Teknor Apex Company, Pawtucket, R.I.


Medalist MD-23100 compounds reportedly provide rubber-like elasticity, superior long-term compression set, and chemical resistance. Unlike some standard TPVs, compounds in this new series are non-hygroscopic, rendering pre-drying unnecessary, and their lighter natural hues makes them easy to color. The Medalist MD-23100 Series compounds also exhibit better high-temperature stability than styrenic TPEs.

They are available with Shore A hardness levels from a soft 15 to a semi-hard 73. With melt flow rates ranging as high as 24 g/10 min., the new TPVs are suitale for molding small, high-precision parts in complex,

multi-cavity tools. They are also suitable for overmolding onto PP. The company recommends then for sealing components used in devices for drug delivery, fluid transfer, dialysis, endoscopy, and other proceduers, 

and in such equipment as feeding devices and pump.  

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