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A series of conductive elastomer products

Conductive elastomers are the main products of our company, widely used in electronics, telecommunications, electric power, military, aviation, aerospace, marine and other fields. We have developed a mature high-quality conductive rubber products,including: C series (carbon black filled), Ag/Al series (silver plated aluminum  filling), Ag/Cu Series (silver copper filling), Ag/Glass series ( silver plated glass filling), Ni/C series (nickel plated graphite filling) and other products. Finished Products consists of extrusion, conductive hollow/solid strip, ; compression molding/Bonding O ring, conductive molding parts,Die-cutting conductive gasket,conductive silicone sheet; co-extrusion molding. Volume resistivity of 50 ~ 0.002 Ω. cm.

Conductive elastomers products through proven, not only because of its superior flexibility and high elasticity of tightness with the environment, and has excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding properties. Therefore, it is in the electronics, telecommunications, electric power, military, aviation, aerospace, ships, and be widely used, mainly to do shielding electromagnetic interference (EMI) of the material, shielding of electromagnetic leakage (Environmental shielding) materials, conducting materials ( electronic devices to connect), to eliminate static materials.

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