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Description of  anisotropic conductive rubber film :

Anisotropic conductive rubber , the  kind of high special conductive rubber in which the metal partical were arranged

in the unique way . ( electrically connect in the vertical direction while providing complete insulation horizontally ) . is conductive by pressure .  

1.  This type anisotropic conductive rubber sheet ,composed of the silicone and gold ion , is conducting by gold ion not the vertical pressure . 
2. The recommended pressure for the general use is 2-4 KG/cm3 

3. Owing to its low volume resistivity , the electrical conductivity based on its measured value. (insulation resistance 1M Ω to 20M Ω, 

    open impedance above 20M Ω )   

4.The anisotropic conductive rubber is soft, leaving no trace on the surface 
5. lay out this vertical conductive rubber film right on the testing side of jig for conduction . 
6.it mainly used in the testing of high-density HDI sheet and FPC sheet .  
7.Smooth surface, no mark . no limit on the thickness . no needle mark on the testing surface . 
its high sensitivity and conductivity enable the PAD to have smaller tested size , spacing and density . 
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