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Conductive Elastomers,A Superior Solution of EMI Shielding

Electronic shielding applications are growing with the expanded use of plastic housings due to the required cost and weight reductions of metal counterparts.

EMI shielding is most commonly used in electronic devices in the automotive and health care industries, mobile devices, and for military hardware and avionics.

        There are many methods(materials) of EMI shielding,such as EMI shielding contact strips (fingerstock), conductive elastomers, wire mesh, filters, honeycomb vents, board level shielding, metalized fabric shielding and conductive foam etc.The conductive elastomers is a superior solution of EMI shielding.

        Conductive Elastomers are fully cured silicones or fluorosilicone loaded with a variety of highly conductive particles providing superior EMI/RFI shielding performance combined with excellent environmental sealing for dust and water. The various conductive fillers are designed to ensure galvanic compatibility whilst providing low contact resistance between mating surfaces,ability to combine EMI RFI shielding and traditional sealing technology, integrated with customer components, provides electrical conductivity between mating surfaces while ensuring environmental protection as well as vibration isolation.

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