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Introduction Of Thermal Interface Materials
Our thermal conductive materials are committed to providing customers with applicable and highly reliable thermal interface materials and application solutions to meet the new challenges that customers are constantly facing in product thermal design. These materials and solutions can be widely used  in requiring high reliability and high maintainability communication equipment, radar, computer, control system, communication and consumer electronics, automobile, industrial electronic equipment and other fields.

Thermal interface materials have been widely used to improve the heat transfer efficiency. The heat generated by devices is transmitted to the metal radiator through its surface, and dissipates the heat into the air through the radiator. But the surface of the components is usually plastic, ceramic or metal, they are not completely flat (the surface of the radiator is not completely flat). If the components direct contact with the radiator, there will be a gap in the middle,the air will remain in the space, and the actual contact surface will be reduced, so the heat cannot be conducted effectively. The softness of Tim material enables to fill the gap and help heat conduction effectively.

The conduction rate of heat through the material is directly proportional to the normal area of the heat flow and the temperature gradient along the heat flow path. For one-dimensional, steady-state heat flow, the rate can be expressed by Fourier equation:
Q=kA∆T/d       (1)

其中 among:
K=导热系数 Thermal conductivity, W/m.k 
Q=热流速率 Heat flow rate, W
A=接触面积 Contact area, ㎡ 

d=热流距离 Heat flow distance, m
△T=温度差 Temperature variation, k

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